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Hi. I downloaded a copy of Super Mario Bros X (SMBX) the other day at request of my son, who saw videos of it on YouTube and thought it looked cool (none of which have been taken down due to IP laws.) Then I got a nasty popup in my browser followed by a letter in the mail from my ISP stating that I had engaged in copyright infringement, so I begrudgingly removed SMBX from my computer. However, I noticed at the bottom of the Newer SMBW says it is protected by international copyright laws. Can someone help explain the distinction of what is a legal hack from an illegal hack? I just don't want to get more DMCA notices in the mail. I suppose I could simply switch ISPs or subscribe to a VPN, but ultimately I am curious what is allowed versus not. Obviously Nintendo isn't breaking down the door of, so you guys are doing something right...
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As long as the romhack doesn't contain any copyrighted material, it should be fine. Most romhacks are distributed as patches, and require that you dump your own copy of the game, rather than distribute it. Compare this to SMBX, which openly contains a lot of Nintendo's properties and material.

It's odd that your ISP actually sent a letter for SMBX, though, I hadn't heard of this happening before.