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please read this first as it gives some background on me and the project as well.

Your probably wondering what this hack is about, Return to Isle Delfino is a hack that aims to replicate or move many of mario sunshines assets and models into nsmbwii while offering new levels that try to offer the linear approach of get from a to b in nsmb games with the exploration of sunshine, this will be handled by hidden entrances and pathways in each level that will lead to other areas based on other missions from the same area that level is based on (like if the first level is Based on bianco hills then the hidden area could be based on a diffrent mission or level from it like get the 8 red coins or the areas where you cant use F.L.U.D.D, the secret areas)

This is all the progress i made on the hack before it got canceled/discontinued by me. However i still have the original files left back when i last worked on this, so i can use them as a base to see what i should improve or continue from.

But I would like your opinion on how i should handle certain aspects of the hack like level design among other things, i'd also like suggestions on what to improve as well as what to add, because i want a lot of feedback so the final product meet everyone's expectations and isnt something just put together in a minute.

So Here's what to expect from the hack

Custom SFX so Mario has his sunshine voice
Custom Models for the Backgrounds and characters/enemies, like Mario having F.L.U.D.D on his back.
Custom Levels, and maybe some custom tilesets since i'm not good at that.
And other things I'll have to keep secret atleast for now.

I also plan to have a one level demo out by the end of September but depending on real life stuff (like college) it may or may not happen, not guaranteeing it wont happen, but personal stuff and life comes first you know?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.