Posted on 08-12-18, 01:48 pm
Your Local Skrub

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So I am gonna like work on a New Super Mario Bros. Wii hack called New Super Mario Bros. Adventure.
Uhhh... And I have no clue what to actually do besides using Reggie. If you'd like to help please contact me.
What I need help with:
Title Screen and stuff
World Map
Reminding me of the glaring flaws in the project
kthx. I know I'm being over ambitious but who cares
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Red Goomba
I love to hack NSMB and MKWii

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Do you have screenshots or videos, a logo or something?
If you are at the beginning of your hack, then post only if you have screenshots or videos and a neat description,
but now the post is 100% in the Trash Can

EDIT: Actually you should post your NSMBW-Hacks here
Posted on 08-15-18, 04:13 pm
Your Local Skrub

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I have a screenshot and the start of level one. Okay. Ill post it there