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Weland and Leplap made a second mini-hack called Epic Super Bowser World. In this hack you mostly play in world 8, but you can also go back to world 1. It's made for multi and singleplayer and features many custom objects, custom music and much more. This hack has some cool stuff so be sure you definitely going to play it!

Epic Super Bowser World features:

- 11 full new levels divided over 3 worlds
- Over 25 new goodies and retextured objects
- Many custom music composed over almost all levels - And of course some custom tilesets

2 Screenshots:

Epic Super Bowser World Release Trailer:


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Now that I have played throug it all, I have to say, the level design was great. The difficulty was fair, coins were nicely placed, and the decoration, both foreground and backround, really made the stages look great. The only nitpick I have is probably that a few of the starcoins a bit too easy to get. Overall, this was a very solid hack.