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Due to "large" request (literally only Huseyin ), here is my tutorial on how to import custom 3D models, into New Super Mario Bros. Wii!

Step 1: Exporting Original Models

Open up an existing ARC file, with the model you would like to replace in-game. Most of the models can be found in "root/Object", and worldmap models can be found in "root/WorldMap". Make sure you open the model in BrawlBox, and you'll see the file's root directory.

Now, expand the "g3d" folder, so that it displays the BRRES file contained in the ARC:

Now, expand the BRRES file, to see the contents of the BRRES file:

We only want to worry about the 3D model, so expand the "3DModels(NW4R)" folder.

You'll now see the contained 3D models. Right-click on the one that you would like to export (or the only one, in my case)
and choose "Export" from the menu that appears.

A new dialog box will appear, asking you to save the model. Choose the filetype as "DAE file (*.dae)" from the dropdown menu and save.

Step 2: Importing to 3DS Max & Rigging

Once you have exported your model, and you've found the model that you want to use to replace the retail model, open a 3D modelling program that can:
Import DAE files
Handle rigging

I recommend using 3DS Max, as it's the software I'll be using, and it's the best to use, and it does what's required.

Now, go to "File", and "Import" (it should be the same for any program that supports these needs) and select your DAE file in the dialog window that you exported.

The model should successfully import, however, it'll have no textures. That's fine, since we're only using this model for its bones.

Now, do the same process, except import YOUR model, that you want to replace the retail model.

As you can see here, I've imported my model. Before you do any rigging, delete the retail MODEL, but not the bones. You can simply select the retail model and delete it.

Now, for rigging. The rigging stage is quite complicated to explain, so I'll let a tutorial do it for me

Part 1:
Part 2:

If you have trouble removing the weight from a model, simply select the entire model while in the "Skin" modifier, and rig it all to one bone. Then you can rig the selected parts to other bones, and it'll eventually have it rigged to separate bones as you wish, and it won't have the old rig on it.

Step 3: Re-importing into the ARC file

Once your model is completely rigged as you want, export it using "File", then "Export" and choose a place to save it.

Now, open up your ARC file again in BrawlBox, and right-click on the 3D model again, and this time, select the "Replace" option from the menu, and choose the DAE file you just exported from 3DS Max/your modelling software and open it from the dialog box.

A "Model Options" window will appear. Just leave everything and select "Okay" on the bottom-right hand corner of the window.

Your model will replace the retail model in the preview window, without textures.

Now, you can either leave the model as-is, and replace files on the ISO, or you can fix the textures. If you're fine with a texture-less model, then you're done. If not, keep reading.

Expand the "Textures(NW4R)" folder now, and you can now add your texture in.

To add your texture, right-click the BRRES file and select "Import->Texture":

Select the texture your model uses from the dialog, and open it.

It'll be added to the file list in the "Textures(NW4R)" folder, and your model will appear with textures now!

....and that's it! You can now import your model, ect. Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps!

EDIT: Veeeeery late edit, but you need to make sure that the materials of the model match the originals that are in the original ARC file, otherwise the game'll crash when loading the ARC as it searches for the materials, and crashes if they're non-existant.
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Finally a written tutorial. Thanks for writing this.
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Thanks a lot for writing the tutorial. It's about time a new one got added up.

Though I do suggest the tutorial to touch upon material editing, so your model actually looks very decent in the game.
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That's a good idea. Will do.