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Probably the best way to adapt to a new board is to know the people who are moderating this board. Below you will read a short biography of each of them to get to know them more!


Hi, my name is shibboleet, I own this board, and I also owned the previous version of this board back in 2015. Over a lot of thought, I decided to bring it back since its closing, it brought instability on the NSMBU scene, having it split. Other than that, I mostly hack any game I see, I know how to reverse engineer, and I know a few programming languages, such as C#, C++, Python, PHP, and more. If there are any techincal questions that relate to the server, please don't hesistate to ask me!
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I'm explos, I mod various games although I mainly focus on NSMB2. I know level design and can answer most questions you may have about anything NSMB2 related, but aside from that I also know web design, html and css, as well as having some programming experience in languages such as Python and C++. If you have any questions relating to modding NSMB2, feel free to ask.


I'm RicBent! I have been active in the New Super Mario Bros. modding scene since mid 2012 starting with NSMBDS following with NSMB2 in late 2015.

You may very likely know me from my work on CoinKiller, Magikoopa and various other tools. From my activities in the ROM hacking scene I learned quite a few programming languages like C, C++, C#, Java and Python as well as ARM assembly and some bits of reverse engineering. Generally I am interested into the core workings of soft- and hardware.

You may find some more interesting info about myself here!